A bit cliche - I just wanted to draw the site mascot.


Glitch art is a rabbit hole I'm in deep danger of falling down forever.


An edit I made earlier this year, cropped down to remove the nudity.


Redraw of the falling girl. This time showcasing (an attempt at) a splitting VR headset.


Stupid title, I can't remember the joke either. Used myself as pose reference for this one - It's an odd procedure.


Here's a girl about to break her back! This character was designed for a fps game that I won't make because I don't have the time.

Mystic Violence

Exotic. Surreal. Bizarre. The ultimate goal of my work is to convey the feelings and themes I can't express in words. Sometimes it's a certain kind of nostalgia, other times it's just an aesthetic without a name. I also want to create beautiful things, especially cold or frightening beauty. There's beauty in violent things too, at least in the art world.


I want a 90's police anime with colourful toylike vehicles. This is a design for such an anime.

Wild 2

I'm pretty happy with this. I will be doing more like this.


This was so much fun to draw and colour.


It was meant to be more of a lack of emotion. A real pain to produce because I'm not used to CSP yet.


An experiment. I've got a few pics to finish and then I'm taking a break from drawing tomboyish girls posing.


According to Pixiv, this is gory?? I wanted to go gorier, but it didn't turn out that way.