Welcome to my site!

Here I will be posting about art, nature, anime and game reviews, as well as on the development of my game "Divine Awakening". If you are wondering about the chibi mascot, she hasn't got a name yet, but will be appearing in my game.

Watch this space?


Haven't got much time to update the site, even though it's only new, but hopefully I'll add a bit more 'interactivity' here soon. I'll see if I can get a guest book or a comments section soon. I also need to finish putting all my artworks on here. This post is more or less just because I wanted to add something :')

Designing webpages based on old games


Whilst I'm preparing the pages in this site (making templates mostly), I've been trying to model them (not copy!) off different game covers and box arts. For example, this front page is somewhat modelled after the cover of a game called "Dragon Master Silk", and the Nature pages are modelled after the cover of a game called Taboo. It turns out many old "adult" games have really nice box art, although the actual games aren't always at the same standard. But if you like 90's design, you should definitely check them out. In the meantime, I'll be filling up the art archive pages and finishing off the templates.