Here you can find photos from around my home, and maybe a little story or two.

Ironbark - 2021

Ironbark trees frame the view of a hill


Lush grass at the foot of some Ironbarks


I finally explored the road on the other side of the mountain nearby (I won't say which, for privacy reasons). I was so tired by the time I got there, and someone has fenced off the road, so I didn't travel far along it. It was beautiful though, especially on a cloudy day. It was nice to see some Ironbarks that are still alive, but they still don't look too healthy.

A dirt road in a dying forest


Erosion in the middle of a road


Skies - 2021

Cloudy blue sky
Grey clouds

I've been told I should share some of the photos I've taken of the sky. Actually, I save these for use in paintings, but I don't often get around to using any of them. It is incredible how impressive the sky can look sometimes.

Bluish Grey clouds

Recovery - 2021

A grassy hill with a mountain in the distance


A dead tree trunk lies in the grass


Here's what the places in my first entry look like now. I was able to match the first up pretty much exactly where the original was taken, but the others were tricky. The bottle brush trees have moved so much that I couldn't position the photo perfectly, and I forgot to take the original photo with me when I went to get the second picture. More photos soon.

Dead trees along a creekbank


Signs - 2021

A keep out sign in a forest


It seems like no matter where you go, there will always be signs of humans having been nearby. Nature is not unexplored, or particularly natural, in this day and age. We can still appreciate what we've got: even something as unappealing as a roadside is important to conserve. I've been trying to find somewhere in my neighbourhood that feels untouched as far as the eye can see, but so far I've not come across anywhere like that. I should point out that the mine shaft pictured is on property, filled in, and not past that big warning sign.

The view from under a drain


The drain here feels almost surreal. Well made infrastructure out in the middle of nowhere, still clean and untouched by graffiti. It brings with it a certain vibe, and seems to say "This is a human place now".

An old mine shaft


Creek Flow - 2021

Floodwater reaches past a gate
Ponds in a forest

I've been hoping for flooding and it's finally happened. The first and last photos show the creek near to my house, and the second photo is of some ponds created in a forest. Hopefully the creek will have water for a long time. Maybe I should compress the photos a little less next time.

Muddy water flows through a creek

Photos From The Field - 2021

The sky is grey above an overgrown creekbank
A Casurina leans over at the edge of a creekbank

It was amazing how the plants and animals came back after the rain in 2020. The creekbanks are overgrown now, although the water has almost gone again. Cloudy days like these seem to promise rain, but autumn has many overcast days without substantial rain.

Clouds viewed from across a creek The view from a field

The Dry Earth - 2019

A bare hill with a mountain in the distance
A dead tree trunk lies in the dirt

By 2019, almost all of the local water sources had dried up. Cattle, wild animals, and weather stripped the ground of grasses and weeds, and eventually even the trees started to die off. These photos were taken during the worst of the drought, around the same time as the bushfire crisis, although thankfully the fires never came this far, only the smoke.

Dead trees along a dry creekbank