Divine Awakening



Divine Awakening: October Progress


I fell into a rut, which I am now out of. Level 1 is pretty much complete for now. It will still need a lot of fixing up, but it can be played from start to finish. I really really need to get onto doing the character art. Anyway, moving on I will be working on levels 2 and 3 at the same time, and gradually adding more sound effects. Hopefully there will be something more interesting to share here soon.

Divine Awakening: August Progress


What happened to July? I can't remember. This month I've picked up the pace again. I merged all my old to-do lists into one monster, so I know where to go now. Here's what I've been working on:

Divine Awakening: June Progress


Progress has been all over the place lately. Mostly because I'm not entirely sure how to go about designing the level layout. When I have attempted to work on it, I've been sidetracked trying to balance out enemy hp and weapon damage, etc. etc. I suspect the first level's completion is still at least 6 months away. At this point, things are taking too long, and if I find myself spending too much longer on level-specific things, I will be simplifying my game in order to finish it before life gets in the way. Hopefully this year I will completely finish all of the "backbone" content, such as menus, cutscene controls, etc. etc. Thankfully, those things are all *nearly* finished.

Divine Awakening: May Progress


Things are progressing slowly but surely. Here's a list of things completed since the last post

It's hard to deal with so much at once, but I'm chipping away at it. I'm trying to make a set of functions that I can reuse, for things like explosions or firing bullets, to save myself work in the future. I might break down some of them here at some point.

Divine Awakening: Progress


There is much to be done before a demo (alpha? beta?) version can be released. I've listed the main things to be done below, but of course more little things pop up here and there.

This is, being realistic, still months of work. In the last couple of days I've managed to make some decent progress on the scoring system, and added dialogue boxes, but I also managed to get sidetracked completely changing how enemies react to being hit. The best thing at the moment is that I'm getting distracted while testing and just having fun playing the game. This is central to my design philosophy - everything should be fun to test. Hopefully by the end of all this it will be quite a good game, and more than just another beginner's project.

Divine Awakening: Page updates


This part of the site is getting major updates now that my game is approaching a marketable state. Most of the links at the top don't work at the time of writing, but I'll be adding to them in the coming days. As for the progress on the game itself, it's still early days but hopefully sometime in the next few months I'll have a demo containing the first level finished and available for download from this site.