List of Cyberpunk Media

A while back I was involved in a forum for the Cyberpunk genre. One of the best threads we had there was a big list of Cyberpunk media. It was supposed to be for things that weren't completely obvious but then people mentioned blade runner and it sort of just became a plain old list. I think it's a useful list, so I'm putting it up here. Thanks to all the people who helped me build it.

Also since this is not only my own recommendations, I haven't actually seen/read/played everything here. I'll mark my recommendations in grey. A few things here probably shouldn't be, I will be removing them as I confirm that they don't fit the genre. Speaking of which, a lot of entries here are not *strictly* cyberpunk. It's a genre sitting on the blurred hazy line between the real-world and the rest of scifi, and to reduce it to a specific checklist could lead to this list being full of all the derivative works and nothing original.


These certainly got a boost when the Cyberpunk 2077 hype train was in full swing. Sadly, I don't think much of the newer games, they're all a bit unoriginal.


Probably the weakest section here.


I haven't read any of these.


My favourite section! Be warned, some of these might be very nasty, I haven't seen all of them.


Obviously I can't list every cyberpunk themed album out there - this is a selection of the best I've found, including some that would just make a cool cyberpunk soundtrack. It's mostly/entirely synthwave.