Fantasy Recommendation List

Sometimes it's hard to find media with fantasy settings that I really like. This list will contain books, anime, movies and games which I think scratch the right itches. This list will focus mainly on so-called "high fantasy", and fantasy drawing from European folklore and fairytales. At some point I might add stories with animals too, like Redwall or Ghost of a Tale

Firstly, there are some criteria for inclusion in this list. If something doesn't meet all criteria, it will be at the bottom of each category.


This is a bit of a tough category. There are lots of fantasy games, but I find their execution of the genre to be a bit bland. For example, the Legend of Zelda series had a certain magic in the first few games, that's just lost after The Wind Waker, where the setting becomes "gamey". Games from the main list are excluded.


I would love for this section to be longer.


Sadly, I haven't read much since I was a kid, hence all of these are kids books.


While there is no shortage of fantasy anime, a lot of them are...well, anime. Konosuba is just too silly to list here.