Recommendation List


- These games are some of my favourites. Generally they will be good looking, and hopefully not too well-known or obvious.

Mystic Ark


A Japan-only JRPG with a good translation. Amazing atmosphere, and some very nice art. Check out the promo art too because it's beautiful



An action rpg with gameplay that holds up really well for its age. The story is highly original, and might just touch your heart.

Moon: Remix RPG Adventure


Chock full of charm. An RPG where you don't play as a hero, instead you help the different NPC's, collecting love and rescuing animals. See my review for a further explanation, this one is not the most accessible.

Ghost in the Shell


Short an sweet. This game is incredibly fun and fast paced, and all of the boss fights are awesome. Once you get used to the controls, it can be finished in an hour or so. A must-play if you're a fan of the anime (and maybe the manga, I haven't read it yet). The techno soundtrack is worth a listen on its own.

Tyrian 2000


This game is great. Oldschool scifi with an incredible amount of lore told in logs between missions. What makes this game unique to me is that I actually found the logs interesting. It also features an incredible number of weapons which can be upgraded between missions, a lot like more modern games. The music is really nice, and unique as well.



Elbow blades, dual wielded machine guns, a grappling hook, and sucking the blood of your enemies are not even all of the cool things featuring in this game. It's almost cool from start to finish, but the first level is a bit of a pain.

Sin and Punishment


This game is an awesome example of what makes "linear" games good... well actually it's just awesome. My favourite in this list. (A N64 game that doesn't look like it's for little kiddies!).

Valis IV

PC Engine CD

A platformer with great music and pretty cutscenes. You can switch characters during gameplay to use different abilities, which is cool. It's a bit hard though.

Biohazard Battle

Mega Drive

This game has a really cool setting. It's got a prehistoric/alien theme, and a bit of an odd vibe. Good music too. I was able to beat it (with save-states), so it's not too hard.

Battle Mania

Mega Drive

More personality than in your average shooter, and humour too. It's easier not to die in this game than in other shmups, but if I recall correctly, once you die that's it.



Laser hummingbird, need I say more? From the same devs as Ecco, Kolibri looks and sounds incredible. Gameplay is oddly open for a shooter - not the genre you'd expect from a glance.

Anime recommendations to be added...