Primal Dream


A New Project


I haven't been working on Divine Awakening for about a month or two. The reason for this is that I've realised that to finish it properly, it will take many years yet. So in the hopes of making a bit of income, and getting practice with finishing a game, I've been working on a simple 2D platformer.

My new game, Primal Dream, will follow a woman as she travels to a volcano to kill a dinosaur. Mostly, this game is going to be a chance for me to stretch artistically and do things I couldn't do with Divine Awakening, especially with the top-down perspective. I still haven't figured out exactly how the gameplay will work, but the "story" is pretty much finished. I want this game to be dreamlike (hence the name), and all about the setting. It might seem weak, but I've always found that great games often stand out for the simple things. Besides, there's a sad lack of prehistoric-themed games (at least that aren't straight-up goofy). Even though Primal Dream is well underway already, I'd like to be able to share more about it as it develops than what I did for Divine Awakening. Currently the plan is to finish the game by the end of the year, but only time will tell.