Welcome to my site!

Here you can find my art, nature photos, anime and game reviews, and find out about the development of my game "Divine Awakening". At the moment I'm trying to update the site at least once a week.

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Still alive! It took a while but I think I'm back to working on this site now. I'll have to hunt down the material I had half finished. There's still no logo for Primal Dream, but I did start yet another game project (I know it's bad but I can't help it!). Both are creeping along slowly. The reason I started a new project is because I got so bogged down with the animations for Primal Dream. I've actually spent the last week picking at a new running animation, which is just about complete. There's always a lot more to be done than expected when making a game. Anyway, I need to get some logos done, look out for more updates.



I have finished my study. Time to go and get a job.

I doubt there will be as much time to work on this site, since I'll be focusing on other things. What will happen, is that the focus of this site is going to narrow. So far it's been a bit general purpose, and a bit more personal than it really should be. So a lot of things will be trimmed down or re-arranged. I will keep writing though, it's good for the practise, especially the reviews. There's a lot more to reviewing than just gushing about how great something is...I think there should be more brought to the table there. Well, all will be revealed later.

Fun fact: The reason I haven't made a page for Primal Dream is...I don't have a logo! It doesn't seem right to just slap some formatted text on. So when that happens, I can post more about the game. Progress on it has slowed to a crawl though, with my time going towards other things. I can't say if it will change though, some of my hobbies are going to get trimmed down. I'm going into a job with a lot of work to be done outside of paid hours. It's always hard having to choose between hobbies though...playing games, watching shows, making games, drawing, working on the website...there's so much else I'd like to do too. I'm not a web designer though, so guess what gets cut first.

On a completely unrelated note, sometimes I plan stuff for the site that just doesn't turn out to be good enough. Mostly just games I forget to screenshot or can't beat. One of the recent ideas I had was to do a little piece on game characters designed by women. It started because I remember reading about Ayano Koshiro's work with Streets of Rage 2 (she re-designed Blaze Fielding). It turns out that there aren't that many "sexy" characters designed by women, or at least not that I could find easily. It really does seem to be a male dominated industry (or it did in the days where you could trace designs to a known person). Not that there's anything inherently wrong with that, different groups of people are into different stuff.